Monday, June 4, 2012

Frosting Tutus

So many colour choices!!
In my last post I described my first outdoor show of the season, the First Sunday Stroll. A great show, made up of a well chosen group of artisans, including many fellow Etsians.

I had the great pleasure to have a tent diagonally across from Frosting Tutus. I watched as, piece by piece, a tent was erected, bringing vibrant colour to a somewhat dreary day. Dark rain clouds scudded across the sky, and rainbows appeared across the "aisle" from me. It was very cheerful to see. 

A Welcome mat completed the look
It was soon evident, that this woman meant business! She donned her own tutu, and made it look fab, attached to a denim skirt. She also had a custom made shirt with her business name on it. In Pink.
She was my new "art show idol".

If I were selling tutus for little girls, I hope the idea would come to me, to make and wear one myself. When I saw her wearing it, I thought, "She's a smart entrepreneur. She is one savvy lady."
She rocked that Tutu and I swear, every little girl who entered that tent, left with either a tutu, a princess crown, or a magic tulle wand. 

The bright curtain "walls" - genius. It looked like a veritable girly candy land! I couldn't wait for a lull so I could go and check it out for myself. 

Princess Tutu party, anyone?!

The Owner of Frosting Tutus and Stamped Frosting, Melinda with my tent "neighbor" ,  Melissa, of Malcolm Designs  

Melinda Cheslock is multi-talented. The Frosting "family" includes Frosting Tutus and Stamped Frosting - Custom hand stamped jewelry. 

This is an example of one of the pieces she had at the show. This photo is from her Etsy shop. You can guess why I LOVE it! 

So, so "tweet". Totally customizable for your kids' names.

This photo is from her website. I thought it was adorable! They do custom tutus for girls, of course, but what about your furry friends or beloved stuffed animals? Awesome.
Melinda made the art show come alive and I'm so glad that she made it all the way from Orillia to participate!! You brought rainbows to a grey day, and made many little girls (and a big girl) very happy. :)


  1. Melinda CheslockJune 5, 2012 at 9:52 AM

    Seriously...I actually have TEARS coming down after reading this post.
    Wow. Thank you so much. I can't tell you what your words and GREAT photos mean to me.
    Thank you!!

  2. Well, I meant every word! :)
    Please feel free to share and use the photos for anything you need.
    Hope to see you again, next year!

  3. Looks like a great event! I'm intrigued to know how you hand your art pieces on the tent walls. Hope you have many more good events (the one at the winery above looks like a lovely day sales or not!)

    1. I have mesh panels to hang my work. They're AMAZING! I have people at every show ask me about them. I purchased them from the same guys who made my tent. They rock. I'll send you the link if you'd like! ;)


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