Friday, May 25, 2012

New Series

Some of my "models" 
For a couple years now I have been painting little "nightly studies" of things I consider to be treasures.

Who doesn't have a little box that they have tucked away somewhere, full of tiny trinkets and items from their past? That's partly where my feather paintings began.
I was nursing my youngest son at the time and looking for something small I could paint between feedings at night. I found a feather, an antique key and some other little bits and bobs I'd tucked away and the "nightly studies" began.

I'm getting prepared for a new batch of summer art shows. Two summers ago I did my Foodies series. Last year I focused on my Feathers and this year, I'm getting ready to debut my Childhood Treasures series.

I think my new series is a natural progression from my nightly studies.  Most people get nostalgic about their childhood. I know I over-romanticize my own childhood - - ( but, maybe that's a blog post for another time. )

So, I'm going to be painting some of those small childhood treasures that were cherished, played with and fondly remembered. I have a huge list of things to paint and I can't wait to share them all with you, but for now, a look into some little things that are inspiring me!

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