Friday, May 25, 2012


I am an artist.
I cannot think back on a time when I didn't think it was so. I always loved to draw as a child - - and for many, many years I dreamt that one day, I would "work for Disney".  Ahh, dreams.

Had a thing for birds, even then!

Me. Five years old. Already a serious artist.
(Nice Hair)

It wasn't until I was accepted into the Sheridan College Illustration program after high school that I realized, besides adoring those beloved Disney movies since childhood - - that I wasn't so sure why I wanted to become an animator. The Disney Dream was put to rest. It was no longer what I wanted.
For the first time, I wasn't sure what path I was going to take. An artist with no direction.

Don't get me wrong! The Illustration Program at Sheridan was great. I learned so much there. My love for watercolours, especially. It was also where I discovered Andrew Wyeth, the ultimate artist for me.

I met my husband at Sheridan. I met one of my best friends there and many other classmates that I keep in touch with and admire. But! Here it is...I felt a bit lost.

After I graduated I worked at jobs that had nothing to do with what I went to school for, always painting in my spare time.
I got married.
I had babies. All the while, painting away.
I started selling and showing work in small galleries. Slowly, slowly, I was finding my way.

Now, I am confident in my style. I finally realized, the way I painted WAS my style all along.
I paint what I love. It's that simple.
I have a little shop online - - I have clients, patrons, collectors, and new friends, all over the world who have helped me so much, and I am forever thankful to them for their support.

I have been doing nightly studies of "found" natural treasures for the last two years. Please stop into my Etsy shop to see what I've been up to: and stay tuned for my new series, coming this summer!


  1. I love the childhood drawing and knowing the back story to the wonderful artist you are today. :)

  2. :) Thanks, Kathleen!
    So glad my Mom kept a little "scrapbook" of photos and pictures and schoolwork from Kindergarten and Grade One. Fun to see what I liked to draw back then.


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